“Red Tide Rick” hides out in Punta Gorda after Disastrous Bus Tour

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s bumpy 10-day bus tour has run into a ditch in recent days. He was booed out of a restaurant in Venice.

Gov. Rick Scott and Charlotte Co. Commissioner Stephen Deutsch at secret GOP reception in Punta Gorda this week.

He canceled his event in Naples. And he only got a warm reception among Charlotte County Republicans because their event locked out anybody but local GOP leaders.

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Now, finally, the denialist Governor, wanna-be Senator, is finding “religion” (make that science) as he tries to create some environmental credentials where none existed before.

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Where is the outrage among Charlotte County’s Republican office-holders? When are they going to stand up to #RedTideRick and tell him to get off the bus and get to work on the environment? When are they going to stop cozying up to a politician who has done nothing but slash help for the environment and pander to anti-science big-money interest groups?Image Credits: (Sarasota Herald-Tribune video via YouTube)