Reimagining America Part 2

By Denise Candea, Charlotte County Dems writer

This is the second in a series; click here to read Part 1

Seventy-four percent of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, including 63% of Republicans. The coronavirus is surging in most states and despite the rising stock market, the economy is a mess. The pervasiveness of racism is on full display. America is naked and exposed to our friends and foes alike. They pity us. We are so vulnerable to attack from within and without.

All around us is a collective awareness of the gestalt of it all. It isn’t just the rawness of the burgeoning racial awakening for white people. Or the senseless gun violence. Or the self-destructiveness of politicizing masks. Or the sight of federal cops in camo beating a NAVY veteran. Or refrigerated morgue trucks in US cities. Or doctors incredulous that some just won’t follow the damn guidelines. Or crowds of kids at bars. Or even maskless Branch Covidians zip-tied together watching fireworks at Mount Rushmore. It’s all of it. All at once. And it’s the lunacy of knowing that your own neighbors and relatives see things exactly the opposite of you. How did it get this bad?  We scream at each other in the grocery store. Who are we? 

Meanwhile the polar ice caps melt and weather events become increasingly more severe. If we can’t pull ourselves together, we will either fall apart, or tear ourselves apart. The next few months may well decide what becomes of us. 

First, we need to get the pandemic under control. There will be no federal leadership. Some states can trust their governors. Not Florida. We are on our own. Corporations are stepping up and requiring masks.  Trump is now okay with masks, so his cult’s resistance should diminish.

Simultaneously, we must keep advancing racial justice. Sixty-five percent of Americans now acknowledge systemic racism and want to do something about it.  That’s a mandate. Changes have already happened. Choke holds and no-knock warrants have been outlawed in many jurisdictions.  In all sectors of society there is an eagerness to fix this; to make “Protect and Serve”  the mission of the police. 

It is soul heartening to hear Black activists magnanimously articulate that racial justice leads to human justice; to see this movement become a rallying cry for humanity worldwide. That makes me proud to be an American, while little else does right now. I pledge to keep learning the real history of this country and to speak up every time against racism, even when it’s awkward.  I pledge to fight for everyone’s right to vote. This is how I will be patriotic.

The more I hear Joe Biden speak about his vision for America, the more I realize just how bold his plans are and just how much heart is embedded in them.  His plans truly address “Restoring the Soul of America”; comprehensive and expansive ideas to address the systemic problems now exposed.  He will always be a moderate, empathetic, good human being, capable of leading with both his heart and his mind. Capable of greatness in this moment.  

We are in the mood for a revolution. It is time to reclaim America for all of us, not just the rich and powerful.  It is up to us to ensure that Joe Biden wins in November and brings along a Senate majority and a stronger House majority. Leave no vote behind. Invite conservatives sick of the chaos to join us. Steer them to this website.  

Image Credits: CC Dems Graphics