Respect the will of Florida voters

CharlotteDems Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor from Democratic Club President Nancy Razvoza was published in the Charlotte Sun Friday March 29th



This is really a letter to our state legislators: Florida voters have spoken, the Florida courts weighed in on the language of Amendment 4.

Will you please stay out of it and let these disenfranchised returning voters get registered and be able to vote once again or perhaps for the first time exercise their right to vote?

We, the voters, are really sick and tired of these phony statements of need for further clarity. Baloney!

This reminds me so much of your failure to implement the amendment we passed a few years ago to improve funding on the environment. I think the Legislature operates on this and other matters, such as gun and prison reform and public education in an extremely harmful way. “If you don’t like what the people say, ignore them.”

I have news for you. We are watching your actions as never before. Pay attention or pay for it at the ballot box.

Nancy Razvoza

Port Charlotte

(Read the letter in the Sun)