Run for the Hills: Ron DeSantis’ strategy on abortion

Last week, Ron DeSantis showcased his strategy of dodging every question on reproductive freedom despite vowing to “expand pro-life protections,” no matter how scared he looks in the process. When asked if he supports a complete abortion ban, DeSantis, who has also said he “look[s] forward” to further abortion restrictions and will “work with the legislature” to pass them, turned around and simply walked straight out of the room.

In a state where the overwhelming majority of people oppose further restrictions, DeSantis knows that his best bet is to run for the hills anytime the question is posed.

“Everyone can see that Ron DeSantis is terrified of questions about his plans to restrict abortion access. But make no mistake, DeSantis, like every Republican dodging these questions, is planning to strip women of the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions by putting in place extreme and dangerous bans that will make Florida less free for everyone,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Travis Reuther.

Watch how he handles the tough questions by clicking HERE.

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