Tell Rubio & Scott: support climate solutions

Submitted by Karen Fisk

Action Alert:  copy this letter and email it to our Florida Senators (contact info below).

Dear Senator Rubio and Senator Scott:

As your constituent, I urge you to support necessary investments in clean energy and climate solutions. Florida continues to experience worsening hurricanes, storms, floods and wildfires — all of which pose crushing safety, financial and health risks to our state.

But it’s not too late to act. By addressing our largest sources of pollution, we can avoid the worst-case scenario. But we need your help. As you work to pass a reconciliation bill, I hope that you’ll consider prioritizing investments that:

– Phase out fossil fuels in favor of clean, renewable energy;

– Accelerate the transition to electric cars, trucks, and buses; and

– Create new jobs in the clean energy workforce.

Climate change is a threat to all Americans, but with knowledge in hand we can fight for bold interventions that will tackle our largest sources of pollution. Please help Florida and the nation to build a stronger economy capable of curbing the worst impacts of climate change.