Tell state lawmakers to stop the attack on Public Schools!!

Folks, SB 7070 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 AM. This bill has a number of provisions, the most egregious of which would greatly expand taxpayer-funded school vouchers. This means that our public school funding would be sacrificed to pay for vouchers.


Call or email the members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education and ask them to vote no on SB 7070:
Chair Kelli Stargel
Vice Chair Manny Diaz
Dennis Baxley
Lauren Book
Anitere Flores
Bill Montford
Jason Pizzo
David Simmons
(850) 487-5022
(850) 487-5036
(850) 487-5012
(850) 487-5032
(850) 487-5039
(850) 487-5003
(850) 487-5038
(850) 487-5009


Ask them to please vote NO on SB 7070!

Rather than expanding private school options with public funds, Florida should use public money to improve all schools by paying teachers a professional wage and expanding research-based instructional practices that engage and energize student learning.

Thank You!!