The President has a ‘vision’ for U.S. health care! Oh really?

By Charles Magoffin, Charlotte County Dem writer

Trump’s failure to address the pandemic has been so catastrophic that we recently passed the morbid record of 200,000 deaths and over 7 million infections from COVID-19, the most in the world! Remember how he boasted about ‘downplaying’ the severity of COVID-19, and then gave himself an A+ grade for his handling of the government’s response? Oh really?

He recently said that he would have the final word on releasing a vaccine: “The White House could override the U.S. Food and Drug Administration if the agency released tougher standards for the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine.” Oh really?

What about the importance of the face mask! All the world’s governments have promoted it as necessary to help stop the spread from COVID-19. Does he set an example like a responsible parent would for their child? Dr. Fauci has done everything humanly possible to school the President, but apparently, this child is simply unteachable! Really! Biden is a responsible parent, and this is his plan!

For over three years, the President and Republicans in Congress have tried to eliminate the Affordable Care Act which prevents insurance companies from denying coverage or charging higher premiums due to pre-existing conditions for over 100 million people. Insurance companies can’t set annual or lifetime limits on coverage. It helped an additional 20 million Americans get affordable health care. What is the President’s plan for replacing this landmark legislation? Keep guessing because he has no plan! Are you worried about health care? Look at Biden’s plan!

What about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Do you think they’re safe from the President’s ‘Vision’ or the Republican’s long term efforts to undermine these programs for older Americans? They believe in ‘trickle down’ economics! That’s economics for the wealthy, not middle class, working paycheck-to-paycheck, older Americans that can’t afford to retire! Let’s hope when they retire or can no longer work, the President’s ‘Vision’ will at least provide a dignified retirement. Oh really? You might want to check out Biden’s plan for older Americans. It’s a real Vision!

So who’s best to keep you safe from COVID-19, or provide affordable health care, or ensure a dignified retirement? It’s Biden! If this is important to you, vote Democrats up and down the ballot! Do it by ‘Vote-by-mail,’ do it by voting early, or do it on November 3rd. YOU must do it, and YOU must make your vote count! Here’s how YOU do it!

Image Credits: Charles Magoffin