Voter outreach gains momentum

By Jake Burbach, Charlotte Dems community organizer

Hello Charlotte County Democrats! The past ten days have been very effective in our voter outreach and canvassing efforts; we have reached over 750 doors and collected 54 vote-by-mail cards. This is a fantastic start! By engaging our fellow community members in meaningful Group picture of canvassersdiscussions about the issues that matter – we can ensure that voter turn out will be high!

We have had dozens of volunteers show for our weekend canvassing events, and we need all the help we can get. Our goal is to reach 1,000 doors per week through the election. This means it’s all hands on deck!

We need both drivers and doorknockers to be as efficient as possible. The typical canvassing shift takes roughly 90 minutes making it a quick, fun, and effective way to spread our Democratic message!

Please join us this upcoming Sunday at 12:00 to help get out the vote for the Tuesday primary! We meet at the Charlotte County Democratic offices. Click here to register.