10 Reasons to Vote Blue

Written by Jess C., a Charlotte County resident who enjoys writing horror short stories in her free time.

This year was the first time I voted. I’ve had various reasons for not voting previously, ranging from feeling apathetic to clueless and overwhelmed with how to fill out the ballot.

That changed this time around.

If you’re on the fence and haven’t cast your vote yet, here are some articles I’d like to share which galvanized me to vote Blue.

1. Supreme Court Shenanigans 

In 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared any appointment by the sitting president to “be null and void. He said the next Supreme Court justice should be chosen by the next president — to be elected later that year.” (Source: NPR.org)

In 2020, Amy Coney Barrett was fast-tracked to be nominated and confirmed days before an election. The attitude of doing this “because we can” does not make it any less hypocritical.

Read Senator Whitehouse’s article on how Amy Coney Barrett rose from corporations’ crusade for power over the Supreme Court, and what’s at stake.

2. Environmental

Do you care about the environment and climate change?

These are 75 ways that Trump has made America dirtier and the planet warmer, through eroding environmental protections for American lands, animals and people.

3. The Current GOP is Not Worth Saving


Because as writer and author Tom Nichols says in this Atlantic article, “no one should ever get a second chance to destroy the Constitution.”

4. Republican Sexism

The first paragraph of this Washington Post article on Trump’s racism and sexism states:

“President Trump and his right-wing sycophants are no longer hiding their racism and misogyny: Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) is “nasty”; Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is going to bring “low-income” housing into the suburbs. In covering the remainder of the race, it is incumbent upon legitimate media to not simply repeat the insults but to explain why they are racist, sexist or both.”

5. GOP Racism

In just one example, Senator David Perdue mocked Kamala Harris’ name at a Trump rally.

This made me so mad that I immediately donated to Perdue’s opponent, Jon Ossoff.

6. Women’s Rights

Back in 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said of abortion: “This is something central to a woman’s life, to her dignity. It’s a decision that she must make for herself. And when government controls that decision for her, she’s being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices.” (Source: NY Times)

Meanwhile, in 2020, Amy Coney Barrett was not able to name the first five freedoms in the first amendment during her confirmation hearings for a seat on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. Barrett has ties to a faith group that ex-members say subjugates women, and we have senators like Lindsey Graham praising Barrett for being “unashamedly pro-life and [embracing] her faith without apology.”

There is nothing progressive about keeping all women–who do not all share the same religious views–subjugated to the concept of pro-life, when it’s really about pro-forced-birth

7. The GOP is Anti-Science 

From a Vox article on the disturbing new language of science under Trump:

  • Words, which were not to be used in documents circulated in the administration and Congress ahead of the budget proposal for 2019, included “evidence-based,” “science-based,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” and “fetus.”
  • Since Trump took office, the phrase “climate change” has been disappearing from government websites.
  • For the first time, The Trump administration’s 2018-’22 draft plan for Health and Human Services suggested the federal health agency would now be “serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.” Language about human life starting with conception (the fertilization of an egg) is usually reserved for religious groups and anti-abortion activists, not government documents that will guide federal policy. 

8. The GOP is Anti-Gay

As columnist Billy Madalon wrote in The Charlotte Observer:

“Today’s GOP base is increasingly rural, dominated by evangelicals who are anti-gay and anti-science, and by angry, pro-Confederacy whites who are strangely preoccupied by the Second Amendment and Mexicans.”

From a human rights perspective, nobody should be persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

9. Educated Opposition

More than 700 economists including Nobel laureates oppose Trump’s reelection, while more than 5,000 lawyers signed a letter opposing Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS nomination. The latter is the largest known lawyer opposition letter to a Supreme Court nominee.

10. GOP and Healthcare

Evidence shows that the Obama team left a pandemic “game plan” for the Trump administration. Why did Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say that the Obama administration did not leave any kind of pandemic game plan, before backtracking a few days later?

As for healthcare, “reducing protections for patients with greater health needs isn’t a bug in the GOP plans; it’s a key feature.”

Do all of these things look like fairness and justice to you?

This year, it was impossible for me to NOT vote against these travesties.

Voting is one of the steps to make your voice heard. As the saying goes: “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

*Image Credits: Element5 Digital / Pexels.com