Day: September 14, 2018
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The Miami Herald Catches Ron DeSantis Planning a Fundraiser with Racist Former Representative Ralph Arza

With each passing day, new reports reveal just how closely Ron DeSantis has aligned himself with the most toxic and divisive figures in our politics. Last night, the DeSantis campaign released a fundraising invitation that listed former Representative Ralph Arza as a co-host. In 2006, Rep. Arza was forced to resign in disgrace after calling the Miami-Dade

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OPINION: The real extremist running for Florida Governor

Florida has not seen anything like the epic race pitting Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum against Rep. Ron DeSantis, both aspiring to become Governor. Gillum made history by becoming the first black nominee for Governor in the history of the state after beating four other candidates, all millionaires, while running a bold and progressive campaign. DeSantis defeated Agriculture Commissioner Adam

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POLLING: GOP candidates on wrong side of medical marijuana smoking ban

The three top-of-ticket Republicans each offered varying degrees of incoherence as they staked out positions in support of Tallahassee’s quixotic crusade against allowing Florida patients to smoke medical marijuana.

Meanwhile, in the real world, voters believe — by a whopping 66-24 margin — that medical marijuana patients be allowed to smoke marijuana under the law.

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