Day: March 20, 2019
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Andrew Gillum Plans to Sign Up 1 Million New Florida Voters

Andrew Gillum is launching a massive voter registration effort aimed at ensuring that President Trump doesn’t win Florida again in 2020 and to give Democrats a decisive edge in a state where elections are often 50-50 splits. The 39-year-old Democrat and former Tallahassee mayor plans to use the list of supporters and volunteers he amassed in

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Talking about racism

How do you have a conversation with someone who just made a racist comment? There are different ways to deal with this situation. How do you respond? Do you tell them they are racist for saying that? Then they feel insulted and they say something back at you that is not very flattering. And by

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Florida Democratic Party Announces $2 Million Voter Registration Program

FDP Commits to Registering 200,000 Voters by 2020 Primary   Fort Lauderdale, Fl. – The Florida Democratic Party announced Wednesday it is making a $2 Million investment in Voter Registration ahead of the 2020 Elections. With the investment, the party is committing to registering 200,000 voters before the 2020 Presidential primary. “This investment is monumental

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Miami Beach tries to outrace climate change’s rising seas

Harold Wanless sits on a bench in Maurice Gibb Memorial Park beside a new concrete sea wall, the sound of hammers and drills emanating from Belle Isle across a cloudy, turquoise inlet of Biscayne Bay. Knowing what he does about how fast the water surrounding these porous barrier islands is rising, Wanless, director of the

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