Day: August 17, 2019
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YES, You Should Run!

  Your neighbors need you. Florida needs you. Our country needs you. The future of our democracy and the planet are on the ballot in 2020. Our government is only as good as the people we elect to run it, and we’re in pretty sad shape right now. Too many good people won’t run for

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New DNC Website

  The Democratic National Committee has released a new website for 2020. It’s still at the old address: It’s worth a look. The site explains who the Democratic Party is and what it does, gives some history, does a nice job of laying out our values, including the current governing platform and provides some tools

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Racial and ethnic impact of bills may be considered

Disparate treatment between black and white people apparently does not end in the streets or the jailhouse. Blacks are more likely to be found guilty than whites in Florida; they are more likely to spend time behind bars; their sentences are usually longer; and they are not given as many opportunities to avoid incarceration through

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