Day: December 18, 2021
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Florida’s COVID-19 cases double in the span of a week

By Amira Sweilem, Florida Today, Dec 18, 2021. COVID-19 cases across Florida more than doubled over the course of a week, according to data released by the Florida Department of Health on Friday. From Dec. 10 to Dec. 16, Florida had 29,568 COVID-19 cases and 134.6 cases per 100,000; the week prior, Florida had 13,530 COVID-19 cases and

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Governor DeSantis should denounce instances of alleged voter fraud from GOP actors across the state

Recent media reports indicate that three residents of The Villages have been arrested and face charges for allegedly casting multiple ballots in the November 2020 election. Two of them are registered Republicans and the third has no party affiliation, although social media posts on a Facebook account appearing to belong to him exhibited pro-Trump posts.

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