Day: February 16, 2023
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Ron DeSantis’s war on “woke” in Florida schools, explained

By Fabiola Cineas,,  Feb 15, 2023 From book bans to a hostile campus takeover, here’s a rundown of DeSantis’s conservative plan for Florida education. In 2020, Ron DeSantis’s administration declared him the “Education Governor” for how eager he was to dramatically change the state’s education system. Three years later, he’s provoked — and been

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Do Democrats want “abortion on demand” even late in pregnancy?

By Bea Dixon, PhD, Democratic Political Activist, Feb 16, 2023. Republicans and pro-life activists repeatedly claim that Democrats support “abortions on demand” even late in pregnancy. For example: Senator Rubio from Florida tweeted on Sep 6, 2022: “Val Demings supports abortion up until the moment of birth.”1 Senate nominee Blake Masters from Arizona wrote on

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