Day: May 12, 2023
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MEMO: Democrats Could Win a Trifecta in 2024

By  Mike Lux and Celinda Lake, Mike Lux Media, May 12, 2023 TO: Interested Parties FROM: Mike Lux + Celinda Lake RE: Democrats Could Win a Trifecta in 2024 If we do the basic blocking and tackling of great field and GOTV work, and focus on executing an effective strategy for working-class voters, all the

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In praise of gerontocracy, experience, wisdom — Don’t get distracted by stereotypes. Judge politicians by their record, not their age.

By Michael Hiltzik, The Los Angeles Times, May 12, 2023 The cry is heard that America has become a “gerontocracy.” That’s supposed to be bad, it’s argued, because our superannuated political leadership is out of touch with the electorate and blocking younger and (theoretically) more vigorous and intellectually vibrant leaders from taking their hour upon

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