Cuban leaders tell Rubio: “You can’t fight for Cuban democracy if you oppose voting rights in America”

Marco Rubio has made his position on protecting and expanding the right to vote in America clear: he thinks it’s ridiculous. In recent interviews and statements, Rubio has criticized efforts to protect voting rights, attacked measures that would make it easier to vote, and lied about efforts in states – including in Florida – to erect barriers to voting. In response, Cuban-American leaders released the following statement criticizing Rubio for refusing to support basic measures to ensure free and fair elections in America.
“There is nothing more fundamental to democracy than protecting the right to vote and ensuring all citizens can easily make their voices heard in elections free from intimidation. America has always stood as a beacon of hope for those fighting for democracy in Cuba. But our leaders can’t claim to support Cuban democracy if they’re actively fighting to make voting more difficult in America. Sadly, that’s exactly what Marco Rubio is doing. States across America, including our own state of Florida, have recently erected new barriers designed to make it harder to vote. Yet Rubio is too weak to speak out against these efforts. His failure to support legislation that would protect Americans’ right to vote, cut down on political corruption, and end voter suppression tactics speaks volumes about his failure to lead as a Senator. 
Marco Rubio’s attacks on efforts to protect the right to vote in America are not only an affront to our democracy, they’re a threat to the Cuban people’s struggle for democracy in their own country. As Cuban Americans, we’re counting on our elected leaders to set an example for our home country and the rest of the world. Yet Marco Rubio has shown time and again that he’d rather try to score cheap political points to serve his own agenda than stand up for the right to vote. It’s a shameful failure to do his duty.” 
Entrepreneur Felice Gorordo
Businessman Elio Muller
Activist and community leader Ana Sofia Pelaez
Artist and activist Carmen Pelaez
President of the Cuban American Democrats Horacio Sierra
Co-founder of Cubanos Palante Mike Rivero
Former Obama Appointee to the US Department of Labor Millie Herrera