DeSantis is desperate to distract voters from three major failures

Election day is now less than 7 weeks away and Governor Ron DeSantis is trying very hard to distract us from 3 key areas where he’s failed Florida. DeSantis is so determined not to discuss reproductive freedomskyrocketing housing and property insurance costs, or gun violence that he’s willing to resort to possible criminal means to change the subject.

It’s worth a reminder that DeSantis is desperate to avoid these issues because they all affect Floridians directly and his unpopular policies will make these situations worse if they haven’t already.

Reproductive Freedom

This summer, DeSantis signed an extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking even before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, he’s been trampling rights to religion, free speech, and privacy in order to enforce his abortion ban and impose additional, more extreme restrictions. Thanks to DeSantis, Florida is forcing a teenage orphan to give birth on the grounds she is “not mature enough” to make the decision to have an abortion.

Rent and Property Insurance Costs

During this year’s legislative session, DeSantis and Republicans in the legislature ignored the skyrocketing property insurance and rent emergencies. When DeSantis finally scrambled to hold a special session, he did nothing to meaningfully help renters or homeowners but gave a gift to the insurance companies and real estate industry. As it happens, he also receives major campaign contributions from these industries to the tune of millions in donations.

Gun Violence

Ron DeSantis has said that he would have vetoed measures taken after the Parkland Shooting to keep children safer. He has promised that he would institute a dangerous “criminal carry” law, removing the need for any permit or training to carry hidden weapons – a policy opposed by law enforcement. DeSantis has also expressed animosity toward common sense background checks.

Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kobie Christian said: “DeSantis is resorting to cruel and potentially criminal stunts to distract from his record of dismantling reproductive freedom, making Florida more susceptible to gun violence, and doing nothing to address skyrocketing rent and property insurance costs which have ballooned to the worst in the country on DeSantis’s watch.”