The following letter to the editor was published in The Daily Sun on Sept 11, 2022. Thanks, Frank!

November’s election is no longer Democrats versus Republicans, left versus right, or liberal versus conservative, it’s democracy versus authoritarian fascism.

Republicans are incapable of legislating. They do nothing to boost clean energy or repair America’s crumbling infrastructure. Nothing to address the rising cost of college tuition or to lower the cost of healthcare. Nothing to address the existential climate crises that threatens America and the entire World. Nothing at all to help or protect the American people.

Instead they move toward voter suppression, takeovers of the machinery of elections, ending women’s reproductive rights, book bans, classroom educational restrictions, and assaults on those of a race, religious belief or sexual orientation that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded views. Social Security and Medicare are under attack. Violence has been made acceptable in their eyes against anyone not adhering to their authoritarian agenda.

All straight out of the fascist playbook. They chip away at your Constitutional rights and freedoms. Democracies don’t die all at once, but bit by bit until a certain irreversible threshold is crossed.

That threshold is very close! The November choice – it’s democracy or authoritarian fascism. There can be no compromise between these two – no middle ground.

We cannot allow this diabolical “Republican” party back into power. Not ever!

Biden and Democrats are working tirelessly for all Americans. They’re our only option, the only chance for normalcy, truth and survival. The only hope democracy has in America. Voting straight Democrat for the survival of our democracy isn’t partisan. It’s patriotic.

Frank Roeske, Englewood