Is Trump really all better?

By Alex Schiller, Lehigh Acres, Fl.

Editor’s note: On October 5TH  Alex Schiller published the following commentary on Facebook. Alex lives in Lehigh Acres, FL.  Follow him if you like his writing.

The idea that this is all a hoax of some kind requires the suspension of critical thinking skills to an alarming degree.

It’s one thing to say: “Trump’s a liar, so he’s lying.” It’s quite another thing to assume that three senators, their families, and their doctors; W.H. medical staff; George Conway and Kelly Conway’s daughter; Chris Christie and the Morristown hospital where he’s receiving treatments; three press pool reporters; several W.H. aides; dozens, if not hundreds, of tangential testers, doctors, and administrative personnel; the President of Notre Dame; Hope Hicks; and a megachurch pastor are all somehow in on it.
The alternative is that all these other people legitimately have COVID, but Trump has been inhaling all of their breath for the better part of a week and somehow never got it.
He’s probably lying about when he knew. He’s probably lying about how he feels. He probably has a tight orbit lying on his behalf about lots of different things.
But the kind of coordination and secrecy necessary to pull off a stunt like this would likely make it the most successful initiative of his entire administration.
A lot of you are falling down the rabbit hole and you need to stop. I have enough trouble trying to manage the never-ending stream of conspiracist garbage coming from the President and his acolytes.
Now huge swaths of the left are off in fantasy land just inventing reality to fit their narrative for some reason.
Quit it. It doesn’t even make any logical sense. Not one person has a valid cause/effect scenario for why he would even engage in a hoax like this. His polls are dropping. The media is crushing him.
Do you know of anyone who would say: “Whelp, I didn’t like the babies in cages, or the 200k+ American deaths, or the corruption, or the kids working in the White House, or the attempts to strip healthcare from millions, or the upward transfer of wealth, or 10% unemployment… but he got over the sniffles so fast I just cannot vote for him.”
No. You don’t. Who’s the voter this would move the needle for? What’s the benefit? What’s the reward for a “hoax” like this potentially blowing up in his face?
Get your heads on straight. We have an election to win.

Image Credits: Gordon Johnson from Pixabay