Marco Rubio voted down popular plans to lower costs for Floridians

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Marco Rubio is spending the first days of the general election campaign trying to hide his record of putting his party bosses and donors ahead of what’s best for Florida. Over the past year, Rubio has caved to their extreme agenda, opposing commonsense plans to lower the cost of living for middle-class Floridians.

“Instead of helping lower the cost of living for working families and invest in our state, Marco Rubio has put his special interest donors and party bosses ahead of what’s best for Florida. His desperate attempts to hide his self-serving record are falling flat, and Floridians are increasingly turning against Rubio for failing to show up for them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Despite his best efforts, Rubio can’t hide his track record of voting against what’s best for Florida:

  • Rubio voted against the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act, legislation to lower costs for Floridians by fixing the state’s roads and bridges, investing in our ports, and expanding broadband internet to every Floridian. Then he got called out for visiting a port he voted against investing in.
  • He opposed the bipartisan CHIPS And Science Act to invest in American manufacturing and help American businesses compete with their rivals in China. While Rubio tried to run away from his vote, Florida business leaders and even one of his GOP colleagues have praised the bill and debunked his excuse for voting against it.
  • Rubio also opposed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes measures to cut the cost of Floridians’ health care and energy bills and make it easier for Florida seniors to afford their prescription drugs. He even rejected a bipartisan amendment to cap the cost of insulin for Floridians.

Elect Val Demings as your US Senator on November 8, 2022!