Marco Rubio introduces new legislation to cut parents’ Social Security benefits

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Marco Rubio is continuing his career-long mission to undermine Medicare and Social Security with new legislation that would force parents to cut their Social Security benefits in order to take paid leave to care for their children. Rubio’s new Providing for Life Act includes a paid leave plan that would slash Social Security benefits and create a new tax on parents, forcing many to delay retirement.

“After failing to show up to years’ worth of committee hearings on protecting Medicare and Social Security, lowering prescription drug costs, and helping seniors get the care they need, Marco Rubio is proposing a new plan that would slash Floridians’ hard-earned Social Security benefits. Rubio doesn’t have a paid leave plan, he’s pushing an extreme agenda that would force parents to choose between taking care of their loved ones and retiring in dignity, a choice no one should have to make,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Numerous experts have debunked Marco Rubio’s new paid leave plan recently, revealing that parents who participate would see thousands of dollars in Social Security cuts under the new policy.

In addition, parents would have to pay back what they took for leave with interest, amounting to a new tax on retirees. According to the Urban Institute, this tax could mean leave-takers would eventually pay back nearly four times as much as they received in leave benefits, on average.